Why You Need Induction Training

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General induction training is necessary if you want to work on a construction site in Australia. This includes both internships and full-time jobs. The only exception is if you are working in an emergency capacity. Otherwise, you will need induction training to legally work on site.

What Will You Learn?

In the OH&S general induction training, two types of training will be covered—construction induction and site induction. This will prepare you for the actual hands on job with the tools and for safety on the site. You are taught the emergency procedures, and in some cases, you may get the opportunity to participate in several emergency practice situations. You will also cover legal practices so that you know the laws in regard to construction. In order to pass the training course, you must pass several assessments or tests to make sure the knowledge is not just in your head, but something that you can put into practice. One of these will be a written assessment that is closed book.

How Can You Prepare Yourself?

The courses are generally one day long, and you need to call to reserve your spot beforehand. If you are not on time for your training, you will forfeit your spot. As so, make sure that you are early so that you have extra time in case traffic is bad. Read the student handbook, which can be found online, before you arrive at your scheduled training time. This will help you be prepared and take in the information at your own pace. You can then ask questions as necessary. Bring a pen and something to write on as you will want to take notes. Because you will have a written assessment at the end of the course, reading the student handbook ahead of time will give you a head start to remember the information.

What Will You Receive?

Because evidence of this training is necessary when you are working on a construction site, you will receive a general induction training OH&S card, referred to as the white card. Many constructions business will also accept a red card. The red card indicates you completed the course prior to 2008. If you do not have either card available for some reason, construction companies can also accept a statement of attainment issued by the group who gave you the card. Your white card does not have an expiry date.  


22 July 2016

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