What Lorry Drivers Should Know about Dangerous Goods Training

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As a lorry driver, you likely have the basic qualifications that you need to drive either short or long hauls. If you do have other certifications and qualifications, they are probably for your current job and are likely for specific tasks related to the job, like scrap metal certifications or refrigerated certifications. One certification or course that may come up is dangerous goods training. If you don't know if this type of training will help you, consider what this training is and how it assists companies and drivers.

Extended Client Base

If you are an independent lorry driver and you are trying to expand your client base, then the dangerous goods training may be ideal. This training will allow you to gain access to jobs that deal with carrying flammable goods, hazardous waste and explosive labeled items. Clients generally seek a driver that not only has experience in transporting these goods, but who also has the certification to do it and the knowledge of the limitations for what and how they can carry the goods. These topics are all covered in dangerous goods training courses and you will receive a verifiable certification to show new clients.

Cargo Acceptance for Warehouses

You may find yourself in a position where you need to work in the warehouse as well as drive your lorry. If you have a dangerous goods training certification, you may be able to work in a cargo acceptance aspect that could help you expand your career path and take on better paying work. This is an ideal option if you are looking to get out of the lorry and into a more administrative role within transportation. The training course will certify you in what you can accept into certain warehouses, how to accept the cargo and any checks you will need to make on that cargo.

Career Expansion

Some companies will hire lorry drivers as basic transport drivers and offer in-house training to expand their drivers' career options within the company. If you have a dangerous goods course come up or the opportunity to take one, you may want to consider it for your career goals. Though there may not be any positions open right away, some may open later, and many companies hire from within the company. By getting this training, you put yourself in a different hiring pool that will get you noticed over general applicants without the training.


19 July 2016

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