Tips and tricks to survive truck training school


Even in your heights of excitement, truck driving school may still bring your anxiety and place butterflies in your stomach. What if you don't manage to pass your tests? Or what if the studying part becomes too much to handle? Not to worry. Going through truck driving school successfully is not a difficult task. The mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement are totally normal as you face something new. If you're looking to have the best experience, then here are a few things you can try out before and during your course.

Don't lie in your application

Lying in your application is perhaps one of the number one reason people get kicked out. Trade schools take dishonesty as a very serious offence, and perhaps this is because dishonesty on the road can lead to deadly consequences. Simply securing a place in the trade school doesn't guarantee that you'll get your license. Once the truth comes to light, then you say goodbye to your licence. Many schools take the extra step of making a background check on their students. So double check your medical records, infractions on your driving record and even your work history. If there's any incorrect information, then you'd better come clean with the administrators. They may let it go as an error.

Use mnemonics

This is going to be particularly important if you've been away from school for long. Getting a truck driving license is not easy; you'll need to have the rules memorised.  Mnemonics can go a long way in assisting you to learn new information and retain it. They are normally in the form of rhymes or formulas that are easier to remember. For instance, you can use a funny saying like "A good kid loved meat" to remember a couple of driving principles that begin with similar letters. You could also convert your book's text to lyrics of your favourite music tune that will eventually make it automatic to remember.

Get a head start

Many people underestimate the material they are to go through during the course. This ends up being frustrating, since the syllabus is fast paced and really compact. That's why you should start going through it immediately after you get accepted. Have the manuals and books ready, and give yourself a little knowledge before your begin your classes. This can really get you ahead of the game and boost your confidence. You'll be in a position to put more focus on the actual driving.


9 June 2016

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